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Backend Engineer

We’re looking for a backend engineer with broad experience in large-scale distributed systems to help us build Framer.

As Senior Backend Engineer, you’ll work on implementing new features for the Framer backend, focused on sharing and collaboration.

What you’ll do

Since Framer is a fast-paced startup, your role may change over time. Here’s an idea of the things you’ll be doing.

  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and designers
  • Take responsibility in and outside of your role to make yourself indispensable to the team
  • Do the best work of your career, work normal hours, and focus on shipping
  • Translate vision and big ideas into shippable product

Your background

  • At least 5+ years of working as a software engineer
  • Developing and operating large-scale distributed systems
  • Modern service-oriented / microservices architectures
  • Advanced level of JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Advanced level of Node.js / Express
  • Advanced level of React
  • Container technologies, such as Docker / AWS ECS / Kubernetes
  • Cloud infrastructure architecture / Amazon Web Services
  • Experience in data processing and analytics

Framer Fit

We're looking for candidates who meet the requirements of individual roles but also bring something extra to the table.

We call this the Framer fit.

Include a section in your cover letter that demonstrates a level of aptitude or experience in more than one of the following areas:

  • Design tools: If you've worked at, used extensively or have a deep understanding of design tools, we want you.
  • Startups: Have you spent 3-7 years at a startup? If you can speak to your drive and initiative, you're a good match.
  • Technology: AI, VR, cryptocurrency and beyond. If you nerd out on and have a deep passion for emerging tech, you'll fit right in.
  • Hustle: You possess an intense curiosity and are interested in impacting parts of the company beyond your job scope.

Engineering Team

Engineers at Framer are passionate about shipping high-quality software with great features while collaborating and helping each other along the way. We’re familiar with a wide range of programming languages, we’re interested in solving technical problems no one has tackled yet, and we’re always open to learning and solving new problems.

  • Edwin van Rijkom
  • Eelco Lempsink
  • Jan van Boghout
  • Jonas Treub
  • Koen Bok
  • Niels van Hoorn
  • Onne Gorter
  • Stefan Borsje


Please send us recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of, or other open source contributions.

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