Product Engineer

We’re looking for a product-minded engineer with broad experience to help us build Framer.

As Product Engineer, you’ll work on many engineering aspects of Framer. This can range from the Mac app, a Windows app, our React-based design environment, the native mobile apps, or Framer Cloud. Ideally, you have experience taking responsibility for implementing features from start to finish, along with experience working in a product-minded organization. You also write high-quality, tested code and help others do the same.

What you’ll do

Since Framer is a fast-paced startup, your role may change over time. Here’s an idea of the things you’ll be doing.

  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and designers
  • Take responsibility in and outside of your role to make yourself indispensable to the team
  • Do the best work of your career, work normal hours, and focus on shipping
  • Translate vision and big ideas into shippable product

Your background

Having a healthy mix of the skills and qualities below can help validate if you’d be a good fit for the team.

  • At least five years of working as a software engineer
  • You have experience with at least one of the following topics:
    • Advanced level of JavaScript / TypeScript
    • Advanced level of Objective-C / Swift
    • Advanced level of React
    • Browser rendering optimization
    • Compiler technology, language design
    • Deep understanding of the Windows platform
    • Cross-platform development experience
Engineering Team

Engineers at Framer are passionate about shipping high-quality software with great features while collaborating and helping each other along the way. We’re familiar with a wide range of programming languages, we’re interested in solving technical problems no one has tackled yet, and we’re always open to learning and solving new problems.

  • Eelco Lempsink
  • Jan van Boghout
  • Jonas Treub
  • Koen Bok
  • Niels van Hoorn
  • Onne Gorter
  • Stefan Borsje
  • Artem Riasianskyi
  • Valerio Pipolo
  • Dan-el Khen
  • Federico Ruggi
  • Fernando Hurtado
  • Andreas Blixt

Please send us recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of, or other open source contributions.

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