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Meetups & Events

Join a meetup to watch product demos, learn how other teams use Framer, and take your design and prototyping skills to the next level.

Framer meetups happen all over the world on a monthly basis and are hosted by devoted members of the community. Want to host a meetup in your city? Reach out for help finding a venue, connecting with local Framer mentors, and promoting your event.

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“​​The community continues to be a force for change in how designers solve problems.”

Stephen Crowley, Twitch
Davo Gallotti

Local Communities

Join a local Framer group and connect with community members near you.

Our local groups are a great way to get quick feedback on your Framer projects, organize meetups together, learn tips and tricks from each other, share work, and more. Don’t see your location? Get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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“​​​​I miss having a community like Framer’s by my side when I'm learning a new tool.”

Juan Mena, Disney
Juan Mena

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