Get together. Join a meetup.

Framer Meetups are all about learning together. They’re hosted by members of our amazing global community. Joining one is easy — RSVP, bring your laptop and start hacking.

Unique, yet familiar.

Sunday brunch or late night jam session? It’s totally up to the host. Some meetups have speakers who prepare a talk, others focus entirely on sharing tips and tricks. Almost all of them follow a familiar format, and start with just a few folks who enjoy learning and hacking together.

  • Talks on design, tools and coding

  • Share your work, get feedback

  • Up your skills with workshops

It’s easy to start.

Hosting a Framer Meetup is a lot of fun. And you don’t need much to get started — a handful of like-minded attendees, a nice venue and Framer swag. In the end, it’s all about learning something new and having a good time! Talk to us about hosting one in your city.

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