A modern design workflow

Productivity, meet Cloud.

Nothing kills creativity faster than a workflow that can’t keep up. Or worse, one that gets in the way. That’s why Cloud stays out of sight until you’re ready for a second opinion. Then it’s as easy as one-click to open up a beautiful dashboard and share your work with the world. Get the feedback you need, then go right back to prototyping. Less back-and-forth, more time for design.

Desktop integration

In-app notifications

Extensive privacy control

Projects at your fingertips. Always up to date.

One-click social login to access a prototype management dashboard. Your command center for controlling the way you share your designs with the world. Distribute your project link once, then keep making changes. Syncing happens in real-time, so the whole team is always kept up to speed.


Share prototypes securely. Get feedback immediately.

Give your work the best chance at success with full context sharing. Add project titles and descriptions, then use the Access Panel to customize privacy levels. From Enterprise Grade Security to email invites and team notifications, Cloud is inclusive of all design workflows and feedback loops. See it in action.

Introducing Version Control. Like Github for designers.

Don’t like an element of your latest design? Rewind through all previous iterations using our Version Control feature, catalogued for your convenience by date and time of upload. Delete a version to keep your work history tidy. Or share previous versions and settle design disputes faster. Each version is available for individual download to Framer, in case you need to give yourself a restart.


Get started with our Cloud Guide for a complete overview.

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