Let no transition get lost in translation.

Keep the details in your designs with Handoff, a feature built to communicate your animations at a native level. Our powerful engine helps you easily define the perfect spring curve, then share its exact values during production. The accuracy of multi-platform conversion, backed by the efficiency of right-click.

From Framer to Xcode. And back again.

Designs that feel real are all about the details. Now get your developer on the same page with code-for-code sharing of animation values. From tension and friction to damping and duration, it’s a simple right-click to deliver accurate conversions. Support for UIKit, Facebook Pop, Rebound, Velocity and more.

Native-level animations.
Now for everyone.

Spring curves have never been simpler — edit in code or using simple slider controls. Find the perfect bounce then keep the same quality during development by sharing the animation values, now mapped perfectly to iOS. Advanced animation made easy, from ideation to production.


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