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Create everything from pixel-perfect icons to high-fidelity, responsive designs with our powerful SVG editor, adaptive layouts, and more.

Create everything from pixel-perfect icons to high-fidelity designs, all in one place.

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Naturally responsive layouts.

Create layouts that are responsive to any screen size with our Frames tool, which includes presets for desktop, iOS, and Android. Draw a Frame within a Frame to pin it to a side and set hierarchy automatically. Frames even adapt when you resize, all while keeping UI elements like buttons, cards, and tab bars completely intact.

  • Automated Nesting
  • Adaptive Layouts

Complex shapes made simple.

Draw everything from basic shapes to complex icons. Insert rectangles, ovals, polygons, and stars, then use them as a starting point for more advanced shapes—just double-click to edit and customize completely. Want to create more unique shapes? Use boolean operations to add, subtract, intersect, and exclude shapes.

  • Shape Tools
  • Boolean Operations
  • Advanced Grouping

Truly advanced vector editing.

From intricate illustrations to pixel-perfect icons and shapes, you can now draw everything with advanced path editing. Snap vector points vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and quickly add and drag vectors at the midpoint of any segment. Need to fine-tune and customize? Drag points to grow or shrink paths, and double-click straight segments to convert them into mirrored vectors.

  • Angle Locking
  • Smart Segments
  • Dynamic Center Points

A familiar way to style.

Our properties panel includes all the effects you know and love for styling layers. From linear gradients and blending modes to multiple shadows and border controls, choose from myriad ways to customize your layers to perfection.

  • Gradients
  • Border Controls
  • Alignment Tools
  • Multiple Shadows
  • Style Effects

Production-ready deliverables.

Export everything you design in Framer, including perfectly formatted CSS and SVG code, production-level assets, individual frames, and even your entire canvas when you want to share multi-screen flows.

  • Export Canvas

  • Export Frames

  • PNG, JPG, and WEBP Bitmaps

  • SVG and PDF Vectors

  • Copy CSS

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