Make designs responsive, auto-magically.

Let our smart layout algorithms do the heavy lifting for you. Create one design, then watch as Framer makes it adapt to every device.

Powerfully simple. Smart controls.

Our algorithms do most of the work for you. But for precise control, there’s always the layout toolbar. Set constraints and see how your design changes with our built-in live simulation. One layout, works across all devices.

  • Left

    Pin to both the left and top, and don’t update the horizontal or vertical size.

  • Right

    Pin to both the right and top, and don’t update the horizontal or vertical size.

  • Stretch

    Create a flexible element that stretches across the screen.

  • Center

    Keep the layer centered without updating it’s horizontal or vertical size.

Finally, scalable design done right.

Designing for Android and need versions compatible with every screen size? We can help. Without any input, our algorithms define constraints and layouts automatically.

Get Started

Tutorials on how to begin using layout to scale your designs.

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