App design made simple

A seamless screen-to-screen workflow.

Need to design a full multi-screen app? We’ve got your back. Import artboards, then work your way from loading screen to checkout, fine-tuning interactions and connecting screens as you go. FlowComponent tracks your moves and intuitively mimics them with natural transitions. It’s simple, high-fidelity and fully customizable.


Native-level transitions

Turn artboards into flows

Keeps track of your history

Transitions that defy the imagination.

We’re all about empowering the impossible. Because apps are rarely limited to horizontal flows, we’ve added customizable overlay functions. Go from left to right, pop in from the bottom or have a screen fly in diagonally. Screen transitions made simple, the way it was meant to be.

Auto-scrollable artboards

Multi-directional overlays

Customizable modal views


Learn about the new properties of the FlowComponent.

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