Bring your designs to life

In a world with no boundaries, what will you design?

The familiarity of visual editing with the flexibility of code. A seamless workflow, further complemented by device previewing, version control and easy sharing. Pioneer new interaction patterns and create groundbreaking apps. The design and prototyping tool preferred by product teams at startups, agencies and Fortune 500s worldwide.

Code, now easier than ever

Auto-Code makes starting a project as easy as inserting a layer. Define an interaction or manipulate its properties using simple sliders. Drag icons, resize images or move layers directly in the canvas. No matter what you do, we keep your code intact. Simple syntax, preloaded actions and smart auto-complete take you from basic designs to advanced prototypes in no time.

Full In-App Documentation

Re-usable Code Snippets

Smart Auto-Complete

Live editing in every device

Nothing beats viewing your design in its native environment. Make tweaks in code and get real-time visual feedback on any device. Present with confidence in client meetings and get authentic feedback during user testing. Designs that feel real, available on any platform — iOS, Android, MacOS and Web.





Unleash your creativity

Go beyond everyday transitions and quick animations. Incorporate real-world data and build next-level interfaces using custom components. From chatbots and VR to connected devices and machine learning, the future of design starts here. Framer is the perfect environment for designing the familiar and inventing the impossible.

Boost your design workflow

Import graphics directly from Sketch, Photoshop or Figma. Stitch artboards together for multi-screen flows. Go back and forth and explore interactions while refining your visuals. Ready for feedback? Present in fullscreen, view on a mobile device or share with the world. Go from static design to high-fidelity prototype in no time.

Get started today

Jump into Framer however makes sense to you. Start with a step-by-step guide, take a Skillshare class or watch a video tutorial on Youtube. Or join our community and get real-time responses to your design questions.