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A free interactive UI Kit by Framer.

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Fiber UI Kit onboarding screen Fiber UI Kit onboarding screen
Fiber UI kit

High-fidelity, within reach.

Fiber is the perfect starting place for your next project. Each element has been designed to work independently or as one seamless flow. It’s a full-fledged prototype with customizable components. New to Framer? Every file comes with instructions. Download our free trial to get started.

Fiber UI kit onboarding screen
  • Walk users through a multi-screen flow.
  • Trigger a like animation.
  • Open a list and select items.
  • Toggle between two states.
  • Scroll through a timeline.

UI elements that work together, or apart.

Every artboard in the Fiber UI Kit features customizable elements, all hooked up to interactions in Code. Customize text, images and animation values to create your own social prototype. Or pull apart native scroll, swipe and slider components for separate projects.

  • Adaptive user interfaces

  • Design for any mobile device

  • Native-level interactions

A starter kit with substance.

UI elements, multi-screen artboards and popular interactions, now in one handy kit. It‘s the perfect beginner bundle, with additional components for advanced users. Only one click to download a Framer file that sets you up for success.







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