Windows Engineer

We’re looking for a Windows engineer who can set up and drive cross-platform development.

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Job Description

We want to offer Framer to as many people as possible, and you are excited about the technological challenges that make this a reality on Windows. You’re passionate about creative tools, product design and high quality interfaces. Please apply with recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of or open source contributions.

We are looking for someone that can work hard, but also keep sane hours. Someone with great ideas, strong opinions, but also knows how to ship, a maker. Someone who takes responsibility, in and outside of defined roles to make themselves vital to the company, and to grow into senior roles quickly.


  • Cross platform development experience
  • Deep understanding of the Windows platform
  • Experience with porting an existing code base
  • Basic knowledge of Objective-C and Swift
  • Ability to integrate Framer with other apps