Framer X - Drawing

A modern graphic design toolkit.

Advanced vector editing made simple. Draw everything from logos, icons to detailed illustrations with Framer X.

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Path editing for pros.

Fine-tune your designs with our advanced path editor, create custom shapes with boolean operations, and export anything from your canvas with production-ready CSS and SVG code.


Powerful path tool.

With predictive snapping, curve bending, and angle locking, Framer X’s path tool is truly unlike any other. Double-click a shape to edit its path, drag segments and add calculated center points.


SVG-based vector editing.

Powered by SVG technology, Framer X’s full-featured vector editing toolkit lets you dial down to the details. Get ready to easily draw icons and illustrations.


All the fills.

Framer X includes color, gradient, and image fills. Manage your own document-wide presets, and right-click to export optimized CSS.


Unite, join, and more.

Use boolean operations to create custom icons, unite shapes, and join paths, allowing you to combine path elements without flattening.


Endless effects.

Customize layers to perfection with Framer X. From blurs to blending modes, multiple shadows and border controls, there are hundreds of ways to style.


Export anything.

In Framer X you can export everything from your entire canvas to a single icon. Copy and paste assets or grab production-ready CSS or SVG code.

Sarah Kuehnle

“The team @dribbble got a demo of @framer X this afternoon and I was blown away. Framer just keeps getting better and better—not by leaps, but bounds!

Sarah Kuehnle, Dribbble

Get notified.

Beta invites roll out in batches starting August 1st. Public launch this Fall.

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