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Adaptive layouts, automatically.

With Framer X, layout design never felt so simple. Get ready to design for every device, on any platform.

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Design smarter.

Framer X includes automated grouping, adaptive layouts, and flexible stacks so you can effortlessly arrange elements on your canvas without worrying about even distribution, alignment, or responsiveness.


Instantly adaptive.

Our layout tool automatically infers constraints and hierarchy, and you can even customize further in the properties panel. Pin or unpin the position of a layer and watch as the simulator shows how your selection will adapt.


Flexible stacks.

Framer X introduces a new kind of layout tool: stacks. Now you can easily distribute, position, and rearrange elements evenly on your canvas with the power of Flexbox.


Next-level layouts.

Tailor everything in your stacks. In Framer X you can change the direction, distribution type, and alignment of elements, or completely customize the spacing between elements.


Powerful positioning.

Get ready to design responsive lists and grids better than you could before. Framer X includes fraction and relative sizing so you can fine-tune with exceptional control.


Rearrange elements.

Changing the position of elements on your canvas takes seconds in Framer X. Just drag elements around within a Stack and all spacing will remain intact.


Drag, drop, and insert.

Need to add a new layer to your list, grid, or navigation? Simply drop it within the appropriate Stack and watch as all other elements adapt accordingly.

Juliet Shen

“The new product from @framer is so cool. It includes so many details that just... happen. Such a natural and magical tool!”

Juliet Shen, Snapchat

Get notified.

Beta invites roll out in batches starting August 1st. Public launch this Fall.

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