Open the following prototypes in Framer to learn how to create simple interactions using Design and Code. Or follow the preloaded instructions in our Fiber and Voyage UI Kits to customize and create your own apps.


See how easy it is to switch states and animate multiple shadows.

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Movie Rating

Add a splash of color to images and gifs with blending.

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Add depth by applying background blur effects to moving imagery.

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Transform three static artboards into an interactive multi-screen flow.

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Create a simple, staggered loading animation with clever use of masking.

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See how adding audio to this iOS Notification prototype brings it to life.

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Tap to transition in-and-out of an artboard with more info on the planet.

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Scroll & Hide

Define transitions based on your current scrolling position.

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From three artboards to a set of interactive pages you can flick through with ease.

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