Device Preview

Nothing beats viewing your prototype in its native habitat. Download our iOS and Android apps to get stunning, real-time interactions with your designs.

To start, simply connect your device to the same WiFi network as your computer and open a prototype on Framer for Mac. Active projects appear automatically. Full gesture control, offline use and enhanced security features are now part of your mobile prototyping experience.

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The first time you mirror a project, you will have to enter a security code. You can find this unique code by clicking Mirror at the top right of Framer for Mac. This helps keep your prototypes private, which is useful when using a public WiFi network, for example.


How are my prototypes mirrored?

Framer runs a built-in webserver containing all of your open projects. The address is your Network IP address. On save, Framer automatically refreshes your project for live-previewing. The web server doesn’t rely on Bonjour, so it works on all networks, including corporate managed networks.

What if I switch networks?

If you switch networks or change your network settings while previewing prototypes, you may need to restart Framer for Mac. By default, Port 8000 will be used. If Port 8000 isn’t available, the next available port will be used.

Why can’t I access the server?

Check if you have a Firewall enabled that is blocking any ports from 8000-9000. You can find your Firewall settings by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall.