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Kickstart your next project with our free UI kits.

iOS Kit

Readymade elements for starting your next iOS app.

Android Kit

Material Design elements for your next Android app.

Web Kit

All the elements you’ll need to start your next web project.

Wireframe Kit

Basic wireframe elements to blueprint your next big project.

Themed UI Kits

Use individual components or the entire flow. Each kit features a unique theme and easy-to-follow instructions.


A free iOS 11 UI Kit featuring native elements that intelligently adapt to any screen size.


10 travel-themed prototypes with customizable UI elements, multi-screen artboards, and popular interactions.


Eight social-themed prototypes with pre-loaded instructions on how to customize everything to perfection.

Community Resources

Get customizable kits, modules and resources created by the people and companies that use Framer.

Desktop Kit

Prototype with realistic macOS and Windows desktop environments.

Framer Book

Step-by-step guide featuring 150 examples, 120 videos, and more.

Framer Modules

Discover, install, and save your favorite modules—all in one place.

Form UI Kit

Instantly add realistic and working forms to your Framer designs.

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.