Get together and grow your coding skills.

Framer Meetups are all about learning together. They’re hosted by the members of our amazing community. Joining one is easy. Bring your laptop, team up and start hacking.

Previous meetups have been hosted in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Kiev, London, Melbourne, Moscow, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Seoul.

  • London

    Jan 12 - We are Hive

  • Seattle

    Jan 12 - HBO

  • Amsterdam

    Jan 25 - Framer HQ

  • Munich

    Jan 30 - Freeletics

  • Toronto

    Jan 31 - Connected Lab

  • Rotterdam

    Feb 22 - Awkward

  • Copenhagen

    Mar 3 - Duckwise


Framer Meetups are unique, yet familiar.

Sunday brunch or late night jam session? It’s totally up to the host. Some meetups have speakers who prepare a talk, others focus entirely on sharing tips and tricks. Almost all of them follow a familiar format, and start with just a few folks who enjoy learning and hacking things together.

  • Welcome

    The host kicks off the meetup.

  • Lightning talks
    About design, tools and coding.
  • Let’s hack
    Team up and pick a project.
  • Demo time
    Share your progress with everyone.

It’s easier to start than you think.

Hosting a Framer Meetup is a lot of fun. And you don’t need much to get started. A handful of like-minded attendants and a nice place go a long way. It’s all about learning something new and having fun!

  • Find people
    Start small. It’ll grow itself if you enjoy it.
  • Pick a place
    Tech companies love sharing space.
  • Social media
    Let people know about your meetup.
  • Goodie bag
    Shirts, stickers and notebooks.

Start your own meetup

Contact us so we can help you with the location, teachers, promotion and goodies.

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