Framer v97


This release introduces Dynamic Type with templates and an improved font panel.

July 27, 2017

  • Loading speed of Design tab.
  • Keyboard control of property panel.
  • Font panel now has a search option.
  • Font panel now shows font previews.
  • Positioning of artboards when duplicating.
  • Layer panel scrolls to selected layer on canvas.
  • TextLayers update when a font finishes loading.
  • Distribute layers with different sizes evenly.
  • Bug where setting border color would reset gradient fill.
  • Bug where Canvas would jump when selecting gradient.
  • Bug where hue would change when dragging color panel.
  • Text selection in Design when dragging outside of the text frame.
  • Bug where first TextLayer would not be positioned at 0,0 by default.
  • Bug where z-position would not take device-pixel-ratio into account.

Framer v96


This release introduces Gradients and a new way to manage your color presets.

July 5, 2017

  • Support for Gradients in Design and Code.
  • Color preset management.
  • Animation support for backgroundColor (fill) of SVG Icons.
  • Animation support for borderWidth of layers created in Design.
  • Animation support for borderRadius of layers created in Design.
  • Sound files can be dropped on Framer.
  • Color sampler now shows hex value.
  • Performance when copying and pasting large objects.
  • Behavior when zooming the canvas in Design mode.
  • Audio autocompletions.
  • Incorrectly showed snapping distance in some cases.
  • Color picker did not reset when invalid values were entered.
  • Framer Library upgrade caused data loss.

Framer v95


This release brings Facebook Sound Kit integration, to design with sound in mind.

June 27, 2017

  • Rotation behavior on mobile devices.
  • Preview window snapping to app window when minimized.
  • Potential data loss when saving during quit.

Framer v94


This release brings various fixes and refinements to Design and Code.

June 23, 2017

  • Ability to cancel Cloud uploads.
  • In-app Mirror and Cloud popovers.
  • Scaling of device content in the preview.
  • Performance of direct manipulation in Design.
  • Apple Watch device preference not stored.
  • Copy and pasting of layer names with context menu.
  • Selection state of 1px layers when zoomed in.
  • Pasted layers not taking hierarchy into account.
  • Layers pasted on Canvas being placed in an artboard.

Framer v93


This release brings various fixes to copy and pasting, text layers in code and more.

June 15, 2017

  • Support for web font replacements of missing fonts.
  • Context menu to artboard title.
  • Apple Watch 42mm device compression.
  • Icon search case insensitivity.
  • Images missing after pasting into new files.
  • Cut, copy and paste on macOS 10.11.
  • Text layers being upscaled in preview.
  • SVG icons (10) imported as images.
  • Antialiasing of hidden layers in Layer Panel.
  • Blurry selection controls of pasted layers.
  • Pasting of values within the color picker.
  • Context menu for highlighted element.
  • MIDIComponent compatibility with Cloud. Thanks to Marc Krenn.
  • Rounding bug of draggable layers. Thanks to Daniel Eden.
  • Removed empty image from Utils.randomImage selection.
  • Setting scroll: true in a Layer constructor.
  • In-app support for first time users.
  • Potential crash on open.

Framer v92


This release brings various fixes and refinements to Framer Design.

June 8, 2017

  • Context menu for layers.
  • Escape to exit full screen Preview.

Framer v91


This release brings various fixes and refinements to Framer Design.

June 7, 2017

  • A context menu to the Canvas.
  • Preview window resizing with custom devices.
  • Distance visualization of overlapping layers.
  • Position of updates badge in toolbar.
  • File size of preview images.
  • Device Snippets in Code.
  • Layers pasted on canvas having a different size.
  • Apple Watch screen resolution to points.
  • Pasted images not showing in Chrome.
  • Crashes when pasting Vector files.
  • Size of upscaled SVGs.

Framer v90


Introducing Framer Design, a graphics tool engineered specifically for interaction work. Draw on artboards directly in Framer, then switch over to Code to animate.

May 31, 2017

  • A new Design tab with a canvas and full-featured toolkit.
  • Ability to target layers in Design for animating in Code.
  • New account setup and onboarding flow for all users.
  • An all-new Beginner Tutorial with multi-screen example.
  • Links to Get Started guides in sidebar menus.
  • Support for separate border styles per side.
  • Support for a separate border radius per corner.
  • In-app Intercom support chat.
  • Updated Welcome window with more examples.
  • FlowComponent with auto-guessing of header and footer.
  • Changed from pixel to point design.
  • Collapseable sidebar in both Design and Code.
  • Snapping behavior of Preview window.
  • Handling of fullscreen behavior of Preview window.
  • CMD+W to close a document when Preview window is active.
  • Better handling for Auto-Code when editing states.

Framer v89


This release brings you a completely redesigned interface, detaching code from canvas for a smarter but simpler workflow.

April 26, 2017

  • New sidebar with instant access to layers, states, animations and more.
  • All-new detachable preview window.
  • New preview modes without devices.
  • New welcome window with examples and resources.
  • Device switching with quick access to various platforms.
  • Cleaner, more concise snippets.
  • Welcome window examples.
  • Fixed errors when editing states within events.
  • Fixed right-click in properties panel.

Framer v87


This release introduces Framer Type, allowing you to design and animate text in Framer.

March 23, 2017

  • The TextLayer to the library. See Docs.
  • Insert Menu item for the TextLayer.
  • In-App Docs & Auto-Complete for the TextLayer.
  • A utility to load web fonts to the library.
  • In-app Cloud integration.

Framer v86


This release brings the ability to create Range Sliders to the Framer Library.

March 3, 2017

  • The RangeSliderComponent to the library. See Docs.
  • Snippet for the RangeSliderComponent.
  • Auto-Completion for the SliderComponent.
  • Auto-Completion for the RangeSliderComponent.
  • Auto-Completion for Value Change Events.
  • In-app documentation of the RangeSliderComponent.
  • In-app documentation of Value Change Events.
  • In-app documentation of the SliderComponent.

Framer v85


This update fixes minor issues in the app.

February 21, 2017

  • Welcome window projects would show an update dialog.

Framer v84


This update brings fixes and improvements to Handoff, a new way to define and re-use your spring animations.

February 18, 2017

  • Update Library window would not show.
  • Preview would show indefinite spinner on some Macs.
  • Editing index.html in the project folder would cause a reload without unsaved changes.

Framer v83


This update introduces Handoff, a new way to define and re-use your spring animations.

February 15, 2017

  • A new Spring curve syntax, using damping. See Docs.
  • The ability to time your Spring animations.
  • Auto-Code support for the new Spring syntax.
  • Right-click to copy layer animation values.
  • CMD + Click on a layer in the panel to edit its state.
  • Syntax of Easing animation curves.
  • Syntax of Bezier animation curves.
  • FlowComponent Auto-Complete.
  • Scrolling to top when reopening in-app docs.
  • Removed deprecated syntax from Auto-Complete.

Framer v82


This update fixes minor issues in the app.

January 30, 2017

  • Saving a project caused a short hang.
  • Context menu of layer panel did not show with ctrl-click.

Framer v81


This update adds handy new shortcuts that speed up your workflow.

January 26, 2017

  • Directly add animations, states and events for layers from the layer panel.
  • Hold cmd and click on a layer in the viewer to jump into edit mode.
  • ‘Update Framer Library’ not working correctly.
  • Framer not relaunching after ‘Move to Applications folder’.

Framer v80


This update fixes minor issues and features improvements to the app.

January 10, 2017

  • Always save to disk before saving to Cloud.
  • Update Node.js version used for module builder.
  • Updated the Present toolbar icon.
  • Saving could be slow on some Macs.
  • Device Launcher becoming blurry or cropped.
  • Use sRGB color space in Auto Code color picker.

Framer v79


This release brings fixes and improvements to the Framer Cloud integration.

December 23, 2016

  • Undo when editing Auto Code properties.
  • Crash when closing documents on macOS 10.11.
  • Project documents not opening on some computers.

Framer v78


This release brings various fixes and refinements to the Framer Cloud integration.

December 22, 2016

  • Save to Cloud with ⌃ ⌘ S.
  • Handle special characters in filenames when opening from Cloud.
  • Longer timeout for upload to Cloud.
  • Handling of line breaks when pasting code.
  • Various crashes.

Framer v77


This release brings Framer Cloud, a workflow that connects to a personal dashboard for rapid iteration and collaboration.

December 20, 2016

  • Framer Cloud integration.
  • Framer Cloud uploading experience.
  • Framer Cloud toolbar icon and popover.
  • JP2 compatibility for different versions of macOS.
  • Overall stability.
  • Highlighting bug of multiline comments.
  • Highlighting bug of folds.
  • A possible crash when updating modules.

Framer v76


This release introduces the FlowComponent, making it easier to quickly navigate and transition between multiple screens.

December 1, 2016

  • JPEG2000 rendering of device resources.
  • Utils.labelLayer font size rendering.

Framer v75


This release brings huge performance improvements and a visual refresh.

November 24, 2016

  • New syntax coloring theme.
  • Refreshed toolbar icons.
  • Light Layer & Properties Panel Design.
  • Google Pixel Devices.
  • Modules can be put in subdirectories of the modules folder.
  • Limited support for while loops.
  • Performance of the editor and the app in general.
  • Alignment of line numbers and edit buttons.
  • Contrast of multiline strings and comments.
  • Error indications in code editor.
  • Converted codebase to Swift 3.
  • Issue when commenting multiple lines around a code fold.
  • Crash when commenting multiple lines of code.
  • Sketch importing for text layers with newlines.
  • Sketch importing for flipped layers.
  • Syntax highlighting issues, including multiline highlights.
  • Animating to point, size and frame.

Framer v73


This release introduces a brand new way to design animations with Auto-Code Animation.

October 13, 2016

  • Layer and State animation editing abilities.
  • New AutoCode Animation Panel for properties and options.
  • A way to edit multiple animations (in loops) simultaneously.
  • New Layer and state animation insert options.
  • New playback controls to loop, play and slowdown animations.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Properties and Options panels.
  • Close button to print console.
  • Auto-Code detection of layers in event handlers.
  • Auto-Code detection of layers in do-blocks.
  • Auto-hiding of print console in edit mode.
  • Lookup of delayed animations in Framer.Context.
  • Welcome Window Examples and Snippets to new syntax.
  • Import sheet transparency bug on Sierra.
  • Border-radius of input fields in AutoCode Panels.
  • Bug when sharing projects with deep subdirectories.
  • Bug in stateCycle() and without options.
  • Project showing warnings in the console when sharing.
  • Error in console when opening new documents.

Framer v72


This release improves Framer Library’s stability and resolves issues introduced in v71.

October 4, 2016

  • animation.finish() to directly jump to a layer’s final state.
  • Support for inline base64 images with Utils.isLocalAssetUrl().
  • The default animation options of PageComponents.
  • Layer names of "0" to correctly show up in the layer panel.
  • stateCycle() to keep using the set animation options.
  • State animations to correctly listen to options.start.
  • Animations to not be executed when no properties were changed.

Framer v71


This release introduces Inline Reporting — a smart feature that helps you quickly find, correct and understand code errors.

September 29, 2016

  • Inline reporting of errors.
  • Autocomplete suggestions for code errors.
  • iPhone 7 Devices.
  • iPhone 7 Plus Devices.
  • Apple Watch Series 2 Devices.
  • Apple Watch Nike+ Devices.
  • Handling of expired licenses.
  • Additional Autocomplete suggestions.
  • Clear errors when mixing spaces and tabs.
  • Jump to error when clicking the error message.
  • Changes to modules automatically trigger a reload.
  • Always render device when embedded in an iframe.
  • Line numbers at large font sizes.
  • Desktop and TV devices could be rotated.
  • Better module debugging in the inspector using source maps.
  • VideoLayer for iOS 10 (thanks George Kedenburg III).

Framer v70


This release adds all-new desktop devices, a detachable canvas, intuitive device selection and a more functional Welcome window.

September 8, 2016

  • Detachable canvas for dual-screen prototyping.
  • Device Launcher for a quick start.
  • Apple Macbook Pro Device.
  • Apple Macbook Air Device.
  • Apple Macbook Device.
  • Apple iMac Device.
  • Dell XPS Device.
  • Sony TV Device.
  • Welcome window experience with community search.
  • Welcome window examples.
  • Device menu organization.
  • Allow hints color to be set.
  • Touch emulation disabled on desktop devices.
  • Custom cursor bugs in edit mode.
  • Zooming on custom devices.
  • Imported Sketch filenames with special characters.
  • Layer Panel scrolling issues.
  • Copied layer names in Layer Panel.
  • Insert Menu not working after first import.

Framer v69


This release introduces Figma importing.

August 23, 2016

  • Import your designs from Figma, the online graphics editor.
  • Screen.midX and Screen.midY to return center values of the screen.
  • Snippets for hints and sharing chrome.
  • Now firing Move events when scrolling with mouse wheel.
  • Now firing Scroll events when animating ScrollComponent.
  • Improved loading state when generating project preview images.
  • 10 second timeout when generating project preview images.
  • Keep imports above the Project Info fold.
  • Crash on ⌘]︎

Framer v68


This release introduces a new and better way to share your Framer projects.

August 4, 2016

  • A preloader for images and media before displaying the design.
  • Hints to indicate interactive areas.
  • Sharing Component that displays project information when shared.
  • Animation option for looping: looping: true.
  • Animation option to run instantly: instant: true.
  • A Framer.Info snippet in a fold by default for new projects.
  • Automatic snapshot creation to give a rich project sharing preview.
  • Option to place snippets in folders for better organization.
  • A warning when sharing projects with long filenames.
  • Point conversion APIs between Layer, Canvas and Screen.
  • Cursor images to be overridable. Find the images in framer/images/.
  • Gesture event points to be screen based.
  • Image scaling in Chrome on retina devices.
  • Devices on Chrome to use .webp compression for faster loading.
  • SliderComponent to work vertically.
  • midX and midY to return x and y when there's no width or height.
  • ScrollComponent naming in layer panel.
  • layer.copy now also copy over layer styles.
  • Snippet organisation, naming and content.
  • Snippet editability with a shortcut (Hold Option when opening).
  • Sharing by increasing the maximum file size to 32MB.
  • The looks for errors that occur in external scripts.
  • URLs to be clickable when holding down CMD.
  • An issue where EdgeSwipe gestures didn’t work.
  • An issue with Framer.Defaults not being saved.
  • An issue where Layer names would differ in the browser.
  • A reference error introduced when working with States.
  • BackgroundLayer as Screen.backgroundColor is preferred.

Framer v67


This release brings Framer Preview, a new way to preview designs across all iOS devices.

July 21, 2016

  • Mirror security with an access code per project.
  • Mirror menu to contain a link to the new Framer for iOS.
  • Support for submenus in the snippet menu by creating folders.
  • Import paths to be clickable when pressing cmd (opens Finder).
  • Images to be added by dragging straight from Sketch.
  • Gesture Events to be device screen based rather then Canvas based.
  • Syntax highlighting for numbers starting with a ..
  • A scroll lag in the editor when clicking layers in the layer panel.
  • The ordering of user added snippets.
  • Issues with Sketch 39.
  • Font rendering issues in folds on resize.
  • Interactions with arrow keys in folds.
  • Issues with special characters in document name.
  • Positioning issues with Sketch Importer.
  • Issues with image loading.
  • An issue with scrolling nested ScrollComponents.
  • An issue with BackgroundLayer when no device is present.
  • An issue where the normal and multi-touch cursors looked different.

Framer v66


This release adds support for MIDI and contains other small fixes.

June 30, 2016

  • Support Shift + Tab for outdenting.
  • Change MIDIControl to MIDIComponent.
  • Saving of projects for third-party tools.
  • Overwrite existing projects by moving them to trash.
  • A proxy no longer disables Framer projects.
  • Device rotation support.
  • Several issues on macOS Sierra.
  • An issue where the last PageComponent page was hidden.
  • An issue where PageComponent.wrap() added sublayers.
  • An issue where code highlighting would disappear.

Framer v64


This release introduces Code Folds to help you easily organize big projects.

June 9, 2016

  • Code Folds to help you manage big projects.
  • MIDI support with the MIDIControl component.
  • Importer support for Sketch 3.9.
  • Local preview URL stays the same across launches.
  • Auto refresh setting by moving it to the menu.
  • Recent files are now keyboard selectable.
  • Reloading when framer.debug.js changes.
  • An issue that sent an email after a crash.
  • An issue where the layer panel wouldn’t show all code.
  • A hard crash when errors occur with a cyclic data structure.

Framer v63


This release focuses on quality control, speed and overall stability.

May 11, 2016

  • Support for PDF and SVG image dropping
  • A file manifest for future offline caching
  • The build number when you click the version in the about window
  • Most common error tracking with the goal to learn about and eventually improve error messages
  • Utils.randomImage(size) to quickly get a random unsplash image
  • Context.destroy() to destroy contexts
  • Color.grey(value) to quickly create grey values
  • On/off shortcuts for Events.wrap()
  • Visual feedback on JavaScript issues in the browser or on mobile
  • A pdf image placeholder for browsers that don’t support inline pdf’s
  • Upload error messaging if unsuccessful
  • Looks for auto complete window
  • Speed by updating to latest V8
  • The way files are saved
  • The way auto code works with default values for objects
  • Default .gitignore file for projects to exclude updated files
  • The size of the error button
  • The looks of the update framer.js and download project windows
  • Behavior of lines numbers when changing the editor font size
  • Utils.round(value) to take increments, min and max values
  • Align to directly work with point
  • layer.point to optionally take a single number
  • Canvas to emit “change:x” for width, height, size and frame
  • States to optionally take parents
  • An issue where undo adding a layer state didn’t remove .states.add
  • An issue where text inserted by auto code got garbled
  • Multiple undo issues with the editor
  • An issue with uploading unneeded files (like “Icon\r”)
  • An issue with uploading errors due to ssl
  • An issue where Framer would quit before saving changes
  • An issue where documents couldn’t be closed, or the app couldn’t quit
  • An issue with file backups in /framer/backups
  • An issue with the trial button being cut off
  • An issue where beta would show the stable icon in the about window
  • An issue where reizing ScrollComponent changes the scroll position
  • Multiple issues when point, size and frame used Align
  • An issue with gestures on Android
  • An issue in the touch emulator where you clicked option before you moved your mouse
  • Issues setting constructor options for layer.props, layer.copy()
  • An issue where tablets would identify as a phone
  • A retina image subsampling issue on Chrome and future Safari
  • An issue where an invalid context index would be set

Framer v62


This release fixes a lot of issues that version 57 introduced and adds support to do calculations in the Property Panel.

April 25, 2016

  • Support for simple calculations in the Property Panel
  • Basic metadata like style and string for Sketch imports
  • Visual error state with a new color
  • The default font of the Property Panel to San Francisco
  • Sketch Symbol Artboards are now ignored
  • An issue where visually editing layers could lead to broken code
  • A set of issues caused by "undo"
  • Rare crashes with the type inferencer
  • Issues that made files to go into an unsaved state when already saved
  • A crash that occurred when using while loops
  • An issue where modifying colors modified the color instances
  • An issue where setting HTML would change the background
  • An issue where symbol overrides were ignored
  • Import issues caused by fragile output parsing with Sketch
  • Import issue where Framer picked the wrong version of Sketch
  • Issue that occurred when properties were set to NaN

Framer v61


This release introduces the Align class to make positioning Layers a lot easier.

April 12, 2016

  • The Align class, full documentation here
  • The default Layer size to 200 by 200
  • The default Layer color to neutral grey
  • How detection for click versus drag works
  • The default spring curve to a more subtle spring
  • The way images fill if a Layer is too small, this now centers it
  • General animation performance
  • The application name to, dropping Studio
  • The default variable name for images and videos is now the file name
  • The document upgrade dialog
  • Issues between draggable Layers and several components

Framer v57


In this release we completely rewrote Sketch import from the ground up.

March 24, 2016

  • Use a minus after the layer name to ignore a layer group
  • Make layers a .png by adding .png to the layer name
  • Artboard backgrounds are white by default
  • Exporting non-transparent bitmap layer groups as .jpg
  • Event callbacks by removing the draggable parameter
  • Issues with nested masking
  • Artboard positioning bugs
  • Import issue which removed _ in layer names
  • Import issue which removed - in layer names
  • Minor issues with the Photoshop importer
  • Enlarged retina cursor
  • Non-retina toolbar in the welcome window