Framer X17

This release brings a new Welcome window and general improvements.
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February 12, 2019


  • New Welcome window and tutorial.
  • Quickly wrap items with Add Stack.


  • Framer Library updates are now automatic.
  • Template for new code components.
  • Up to 4 decimal places for line height.


  • Strokes could reappear after being disabled.
  • Keeping an arrow key pressed did not move items.
  • Code components could fail to show array controls.
  • Export Web Preview used a different Framer Library.
  • Decimals would be hidden when using fr units.
  • Autosaving could slow down the application.
  • Trial mode indicator when fully licensed.

Framer X16

This release fixes some issues with code components.
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February 1, 2019


  • Components in graphics corrupting the document.
  • Components with dynamic images not displaying.
  • Unreliable exporting when using macOS 10.14.4.

Framer X15

This release focuses on speed and a superior visual design experience.
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January 29, 2019


  • Infinite canvas with smooth zooming.
  • Precision editing at any zoom level.
  • Smart scaling of graphics and their effects.
  • Auto-sized (freeform) graphic containers.
  • Optionally show all navigation and content links.
  • Support for React functional code components.


  • Document loading speed and indicator.
  • Size of documents with large images.
  • Shadows are shown at all zoom levels.
  • Git-hosted documents using the .framerfx format.
  • Exporting components with custom styling or large images.
  • Android previewing with mobile-web-app-capable.
  • Responsiveness when installing a lot of packages.
  • Performance and stability across the board.


  • The sign-in and Welcome window could both be visible.
  • Select All, Copy and Paste were disabled in Welcome.
  • Devices didn't appear when using Live Preview.
  • Links could navigate to the wrong frame.
  • Preview could become invisible after closing twice.
  • Empty documents would keep loading forever.
  • Shadows with a spread value on image frames would hide.
  • Broken text layers after toggling between Auto and Fixed.
  • Double-clicking text layers didn't select the text.
  • Rapidly clicking the canvas could enable drawing mode.
  • Editing text on the canvas could appear jumpy.
  • Clicking Bold, Italic or Underline did nothing.
  • Frame titles would not always become clickable.
  • Copy CSS produced incorrect font weight values.
  • Sample Color would not immediately show the loupe.
  • Incorrect strokes for inline SVGs in zoomed-in components.
  • Broken components showing errors in the panel.
  • Mobile previews would ignore `onTapStart` events.
  • Unpredictable instances of nested design components.
  • Closing documents could freeze the app for a while.
  • Hide Interface could exit full screen documents.
  • Error when searching for typefaces.

Framer X14

This release fixes an important text editing bug.
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January 8, 2019


  • Issue with typing composited characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean…)

Framer X13

This release brings a refreshed components panel, a new store publishing experience and more.
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December 19, 2018


  • New components panel with list and grid view
  • New publishing experience in public and private stores
  • Quickly show and hide the app interface with CMD + .


  • Performance with large documents
  • Night Mode tweaks for graphic mode and store
  • Placeholders for empty Scroll and Page components
  • Library with hover events and better overlay navigation


  • Broken code components inside design components
  • Package updates would not appear in other documents

Framer X12

This release brings general improvements and bug fixes.
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December 13, 2018


  • Content links are now only shown for highlighted items.
  • Frame presets for Retina Store artwork and icons.


  • Dropping a component on the canvas closed the panel.
  • Preview Device packages were listed under Components.
  • Resizing the sidebar multiple times could cause size jumps.

Framer X11

This release brings a new Inspect mode for Preview, performance improvements and bug fixes.
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December 5, 2018


  • Inspect mode for Preview with an attached Web Inspector.


  • General in-app performance.
  • Language and contrast in the components overview.
  • Visual Studio Code completion in code components.


  • Sticky update badges after uninstalling updated packages.
  • Component master properties resetting their name.
  • Text layer names not reflecting typed text.
  • Installed empty Store packages not being shown.
  • Page component 3D effects using a flat perspective.
  • Newly added borders and strokes being disabled by default.
  • Crash pressing arrow keys in Graphics mode.
  • Crash using the San Francisco UI Display Italic font.
  • Crash dragging Stack children inside a component instance

Framer X10

This release brings new devices, a new tutorial and many fixes.
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November 21, 2018


  • iPhone XR Devices.
  • iPhone XS Devices.
  • iPhone XS Max Devices.
  • Pixel 3 Devices.
  • Pixel 3 XL Devices.
  • Samsung S9 Devices.
  • Updated beginner tutorial.
  • Updated welcome window.


  • Component panel with update management.
  • Dragging Frames in and out of Stacks.
  • Experience of renaming layers.


  • Option-dragging an item would not duplicate it.
  • Empty components panel after uninstalling one package.
  • Disabled shadow spread input field.
  • Accidental drags on shadow removing the shadow.
  • "Copy", "Cut", "Paste" and "Select All" menubar actions.
  • Crash from packages that require styled-components.
  • Crash from images with odd pixel density metadata.

Framer X9

This release brings performance improvements and bug fixes.
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November 14, 2018


  • Canvas scrolling, zooming and panning performance.
  • Editing speed when using many Code Components.
  • General performance while working with large projects.


  • Option-dragging an item would not duplicate it.
  • Crash when using a Code Component with an error.
  • Night mode dropdown icons for text layers.
  • Numeric stepper separator inheriting opacity.
  • Alignment of new user hints in property panel.

Framer X8

This app release brings general improvements and bug fixes. Download ›

November 7, 2018


  • In-app trial indication states.


  • Crash when releasing the alt key while alt-dragging.
  • Paging step issue in tutorial.

Framer X7

This app release brings general improvements and bug fixes. Download ›

October 31, 2018


  • Crash when using a Code Component with an error.
  • Issue where borders would disappear on open.
  • Misalignment of components header in drawing mode.
  • Number stepper property control not respecting ranges.

Framer X6

This app release introduces an improved dark mode and more. Download ›

October 30, 2018


  • Dark mode of in-app onboarding.
  • Dark mode of main app interface.
  • Dark mode of in-app store.
  • Store sidebar size and ordering.

Framer X5

This app release fixes all content connector bugs on the canvas. Download ›

October 29, 2018


  • Scrollable areas being disconnected on open.
  • Code component children being disconnected on open.

Framer X4

The fourth release of Framer X with a new interactive Page tool. Download ›

October 24, 2018


  • A new interactive Page tool.
  • Sortable content (React children and slots).
  • Ability to export a web preview.
  • New number stepper control type.
  • Ability to create arrays of property controls.


  • General in-app performance.
  • Scroll tool properties.
  • Alignment control interface.
  • In-app onboarding tutorial.
  • Link and Scroll tool connectors.
  • Link and Scroll tool lines.


  • Layer panel icon states reflecting children.
  • Issue where borders would be removed on open.

Framer X3

The third release of Framer X with general improvements and fixes. Download ›

October 16, 2018


  • Incremental zooming to 75% and 150%.
  • Custom overlay transition backdrops.
  • Better output for Copy CSS.
  • Nested master Design Components.
  • Handling of missing fonts.


  • Copy and pasting from Sketch v52.
  • Importing from Framer Classic.
  • Color picker showing HSV instead of HSL.
  • Unremovable filters on text elements.

Framer X2

The second release of Framer X with macOS Mojave support and general improvements and fixes. Download ›

September 27, 2018


  • Context menu items and ordering.
  • Overrides for Code Components.
  • Dragging interaction of Components.
  • Menubar items with Store page links.
  • In-app onboarding states and errors.


  • Canvas jumps when zooming or panning on Mojave.
  • Context menu not working on highlight.
  • Copy and pasting from Framer Classic.
  • Dark mode fixes of welcome window on Mojave.
  • Remounting of code components with Overrides.
  • Installed component titles showing without properties.

X Beta 5

The fifth Beta release includes a new component panel, controls for code components and more.

September 14, 2018


  • Ability to link resources using framer/resourceURL.
  • A new file input property control.
  • A new image input property control.
  • Dark mode for the Live Preview popover.
  • Ability to categorize components with /.
  • New component panel package headers with thumbnails.


  • Component panel actions ordering.
  • Store panel publish action on top.
  • New menubar structure.
  • Graphic dragging performance.
  • Layer panel empty state.


  • Ensure caches and backups are not added to packages.
  • Errors when cutting from a design component instance.
  • Crash when deleting a Scroll frame.
  • Welcome window staying on top.
  • Graphic containers being unlinkable.

X Beta 4

The fourth Beta release includes a new Graphic tool, Drawing Mode, tooltips, and more.

September 12, 2018


  • A brand new Graphic tool.
  • Drawing mode to add shapes and paths to Graphics.
  • Ability to share packages from the Store.
  • New tooltips for our Layout, Interactive and Drawing tools.
  • New onboarding flow states.


  • Onboarding flow states and messaging.
  • Categories and ordering of tools.
  • Layout and Interactive tool icons.
  • Snapping behaviour of preview window.
  • Initial window sizes of preview window.
  • Masking of screens in preview window.


  • Components not showing up after package installation.
  • Touch cursor toggle in the preview window.

X Beta 3

The third Beta release with a focus on live previewing. See Docs.

September 4, 2018


  • Live Preview for mobile and in-browser previewing.
  • Ability to share your preview link with others.
  • New package indication when installing.
  • Link from the store to the installed component.
  • Support for markdown tables in store descriptions.
  • Fade transition to the Link tool.
  • Modal Upgrade Framer Library dialog.


  • Rendering of code tags in store descriptions.
  • Loading of recent packages within the store.
  • Default empty state of Stacks.
  • Export panel preview experience.
  • Updated to TypeScript 3.0.
  • Scroll tool interface.
  • Help menu links.


  • A drawing issue with inside strokes in published packages.
  • Using Design Components in code with variable size.
  • Empty selection when detaching installed components.
  • Instances of components breaking package uploads.
  • Framer X opening Quicktime on occasion.
  • Text editing issues within a Stack.
  • Code property when using shape tools.

X Beta 2

The second Beta release of Framer X, focused on code. See Docs.

August 21, 2018


  • Code property, allowing you to connect functions.
  • Ability to add masters inside masters.
  • Ability to create design component overrides.
  • Ability to import design components in code.
  • Add unit type for numeric inputs in code.


  • Component loading speed.
  • Animation smoothness in preview window.
  • Allow code component controls to be hidden.
  • Add placeholder property for string inputs.
  • Truncate titles of code components.
  • File format stability.
  • Component panel stays visible after drag.
  • Copy CSS of Stacks now includes flexbox code.
  • Behavior of locked and invisible frames.


  • Snapping of color values in the color picker.
  • Timeouts of components in the preview window.
  • Crash when using masters installed from a package.
  • Position of Preview window when opening for the first time.
  • Issues when using Shapes in Stacks.

X Beta 1

The first Beta release of Framer X. It can only be used with an invite.

August 1, 2018


  • Cloud sharing did not make this release.
  • Mobile previewing did not make this release.
  • Functions did not make this release.
  • The Page tool did not make this release.
  • You cannot favorite packages in the Store yet.
  • Only Frames can be turned into components.
  • Exporting assets and components is not reliable just yet.

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