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Calendar prototype preview


Create everything from pixel-perfect icons to responsive layouts with our full-featured design toolkit.

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Benjamin de Cock

"Framer’s Design interface is really solid - polished UI, amazing performance and best of all, it’s completely SVG-based." — Benjamin de Cock, Product Designer at Stripe

Framer Design


Bring your designs to life with native interactions, multi-screen app flows, and completely customizable code.

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Min-Sang Choi

“Building prototypes with Framer requires zero engineering effort. This boosted our design iteration cycle and helped decide which direction to take.“ — Min-Sang Choi, Interaction Designer at Google


Preview native prototypes on our mobile apps, validate your design ideas with remote user testing, and more.

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Jenny Lo

“We use Framer prototypes to test in markets from Mumbai to Rio de Janeiro, which allows us to quickly make design decisions based on input from real users.”— Jenny Lo, Design Researcher at Uber

Framer Cloud Dashboard


Copy and paste artboards from Sketch and customize using our design toolkit. Or import static work from Photoshop and Figma to add animation in Framer.

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Download our iOS and Android companion apps to interact with your prototypes in their native habitats. Save to your phone and take your work on the go.

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.