Design the big picture, together.

In today’s world, designers are expected to deliver end-to-end experiences. To perfect and validate interaction, motion and flow even before handoff to engineers. To work collaboratively and communicate product decisions in a similar language. Framer bridges this gap between design and development, making it the tool of choice for product teams worldwide.

Short iteration cycles

End-to-end design

Communicate ideas clearly

Facebook Live

“By using live video and real data in Framer, we were able to get accurate feedback in user testing. This made the transition from design to engineering much smoother.”

George Kedenburg III for Facebook

Google Gboard

“Building prototypes with Framer requires zero engineering effort from us. This boosted our design iteration cycle and helped decide which direction to take.”

Min-Sang Choi for Google

Uber Design

“At Uber, it’s important that our Framer prototypes create authentic experiences, so users can focus on the ideas we’re validating over the functionality itself.”

Bradley Ryan for Uber


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