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All-inclusive collaboration.

Get buy-in at every stage. Sync seamlessly between design, research and development.

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Do your best work, then share it.

Preview projects on mobile devices, store them offline, upload your work to Framer Cloud, and demo prototypes as native apps to clients. And when it comes time to export, share cruft-free code with your developers.


Upload to Framer Cloud with a single click.


Choose from various devices and backgrounds.


Browse all versions of your shared projects.


Live mobile previewing.

Download our free iOS and Android companion apps to interact with your live designs. Demo prototypes that feel real, so you always get better feedback. Got a client meeting? Save to your phone to take your work on the go.


Developer handoff.

Designs that feel real are all about the details. Get your developer on the same page with Handoff, a simple way to deliver accurate conversions—from tension and friction to damping and duration. Support for UIKit, Facebook Pop, Rebound, Velocity, and more.


Share with context.

Add titles and descriptions to your mockups and prototypes. Share the link once and viewers also see the latest version. Live versioning means all your team members are kept in the loop on your progress.


Get better feedback.

Upload projects directly to Framer Cloud, then share a link with your whole team. Manage permissions and maintain security over your prototypes at all times. Conduct remote user testing to get feedback directly from those who know best — your users.

Jenny Lo

“We use Framer prototypes to test in markets from Mumbai to Rio de Janeiro which allows us to make design decisions based on input from real users.”

Jenny Lo, Uber
Paul Stamatiou

“Framer allows designers to quickly iterate and user test a dozen concepts, which drastically cuts down on development time.”

Paul Stamatiou, Twitter

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.