Plug and play for interactions

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The most popular interactions, bundled.

A library of components, now at your fingertips. Just one click to insert blocks of code, then customize elements to perfection. Design everything from page scrolling and price sliders to an entire virtual reality environment. Components — simple building blocks to power your next design.

Native-level transitions

Quick implementation

Simple customization

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Type, meet code.

Time to give text the treatment it deserves. Insert, design and animate text with Framer Type. It’s completely dynamic, which means we default to system typefaces for every platform. Or load your favorite Google Web Font if you’re feeling creative. From adaptive layouts and relative scaling to real data, it’s a whole new way to design with type.

Automatically sized layers

Smart context-aware defaults

Google Web Fonts support

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Complex scroll effects, made simple.

In today’s best designs, pull-to-refresh or swipe-to-delete animations happen seamlessly. Usually complicated to code, we’ve wrapped the powerful physics into an insertable Scroll Component. All you need to do is tailor to your needs.

Overdrag handling

Built-in physics engine

Trigger scroll animations

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Pages that snap to attention.

From snap scrolling and screen animations to view-to-view transitions, the Page Component handles it all. An out-of-the-box solution for all your pagination needs. Simply perfect transitions and add spring curves for effortless motion.

Connect page-indicators

Automatically snap to layers

Keeps track of your history

Immense logic, powered by simple sliders.

Sliders are a commonly used input pattern that come with an incredible amount of logic. We wrap ours in the Slider Component, an easy way to offer filter capabilities or even time and price selection. Need to account for min and max values? The Range Slider Component offers more possibilities.

Get a feel for the future, design for VR.

If you’re ready to begin designing for the next frontier, our VR Component is a simple way to dive in. A customizable module that allows you to create and manipulate a virtual enviroment. Stay on top of all the latest trends with Framer Components.

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Tutorials on how to begin using components to bring your design visions to life.

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A list of ready-made components and modules, maintained by Giedrius.

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