Interface design, the way it’s meant to be.

It’s the familiarity of your favorite graphics tools, with a twist. Our intuitive auto-layout and smart grouping algorithms make responsive design a breeze. Draw with pixel perfect precision on device-specific artboards, then turn on targeting to animate. A design tool engineered for interaction work.

Spend less time grouping and more time drawing.

Insert artboards, draw layers, add text and images. Every new layer added to the canvas responds to the environment around it. It’s the ultimate responsive design tool — no matter what you do, we keep hierarchy in order.

  • Auto-sequencing with artboards.

  • Insert and manipulate shapes.

  • Advanced text tools.

  • Automated layer nesting.

  • Icon management panel.

A familiar way to style.

Style layers using our full-stack properties panel. From control over individual border radius to linear gradients and more, we offer multiple ways to customize your layers to perfection.

  • Gradients NEW
  • Color Presets NEW
  • Individual border controls
  • Layer clipping
  • Quick alignment tools

A canvas that adapts across all devices.

Layouts that auto-magically scale. Draw once, then watch as all your elements adapt to fit every screen, orientation and experience. It’s the perfect environment for responsive design.

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