The smartest tool.

Create responsive designs with our intuitive auto-layout and smart grouping algorithms. Draw with pixel-perfect precision on device-specific artboards, then target each element to easily animate. It’s a tool built for truly interactive design.

Easily create responsive designs with our auto-layout and grouping algorithms.

Design Tools

Spend less time grouping and more time drawing.

Insert artboards, draw layers, and add text and images. Every new layer added to the canvas responds to the environment around it—no matter what you do, the hierarchy stays in order.

  • Auto-sequencing with artboards

  • Insert and manipulate shapes

  • Advanced text tools

  • Automated layer nesting

  • Icon management panel

  • Exporting

Styling Options

A familiar way to style.

Style layers using our full-stack properties panel with all the effects you know and love. From control over individual border radius to linear gradients and blending modes, we offer multiple ways to customise your layers.

  • Gradients
  • Color presets
  • Individual border controls
  • Quick alignment tools
  • Multiple Shadows
  • Style Effects

Layout Rules

Make designs responsive, auto-magically.

Let our algorithms do most of the work for you—just set layout rules and Framer makes it responsive across all devices. For precise control, use the layout tool to set constraints and preview via our built-in simulator.

  • Left

    Pin to both the left and top without updating the horizontal or vertical size.

  • Right

    Pin to both the right and top without updating the horizontal or vertical size.

  • Stretch

    Create a flexible element that stretches across the screen.

  • Center

    Keep the layer centered without updating its horizontal or vertical size.


Bring your designs to life with pre-made interactions and animations.

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Share your designs with teammates and easily preview work on native devices.

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