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The design tool that does it all.

Design. Prototype. Collaborate. Framer powers the product teams at Dropbox, Pinterest, Twitter, and thousands more.

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Design anything for every platform.

Yes, anything. Framer is the only tool you need to design for iOS, Android, and web. Switch devices and watch as Framer automatically adapts your layout to every screen size.

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framer design window


Use our smart layout tool to set hierarchy automatically and keep UI elements intact whenever you resize.


Our powerful vector editor is completely SVG-based. Get ready for 100% accurate rendering in any browser.


Add gradients, multiple shadows, and background blur, then export CSS values and be production-ready in no time.

Zach Johnston

“Since Framer is our go-to design tool, the Design Systems team built out a desktop components kit to speed up our workflow.”

Zach Johnston, Dropbox

Prototype anything you can imagine.

Seriously. Framer helps you animate everything so you can bring all your ideas to life, fast. Add flows, micro-interactions—you name it.

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framer prototype window


Create beautiful transitions with native-level spring curves, then export for iOS or Android with a single click.


Add native interactions like tapping, pinching, panning, and swiping. Framer handles every interaction for you.


Kickstart your interactive designs with ready-made components for multi-screen flows, scrolling, sliders, pagination, and more.

Shana Hu

“It was incredible to watch my teammates go from no Framer experience to an interactive prototype incorporating real data in just 4 days.”

Shana Hu, Pinterest

Collaborate with your team, easily.

Framer was made for teamwork. Get ready to sync design, user research, and development—effortlessly.

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Framer Cloud Dashboard
Framer Cloud Dashboard


Presentation mode never looked so good. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and devices to show your work in the best light.


Test your prototypes and conduct user research with our mobile apps to perfect your UX and validate every design idea.


Upload your projects, browse version history, and easily invite your teammates to view all your designs and prototypes.

Paul Stamatiou

“Framer allows designers to quickly iterate and test a dozen concepts, which drastically cuts down on development time.”

Paul Stamatiou, Twitter


Copy and paste designs from Sketch or import files from Photoshop and Figma to easily bring them to life in Framer.

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Preview Apps

Download our free iOS and Android apps to play with your prototypes in context. Save to your device and take designs with you on the go.

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The best teams use Framer.

Join a growing list of companies who use Framer to make all the products you know and love.

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.