Your new favorite design tool.

Framer X has all the features you need to draw everything from custom icons to intricate illustrations. Fine-tune your designs with our advanced path editor, export anything from your canvas, and more.

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With predictive snapping, curve bending, and angle locking, Framer X’s path tool is truly unlike any other.


From blurs to blending modes, multiple shadows and border controls, there are hundreds of ways to style your designs.


Export everything from your entire canvas to a single icon. Copy and paste assets or grab production-ready CSS or SVG code.

Justin Mezzell

“I’ve been playing around with some of the illustration tools in Framer X and whoa—they’re crazy powerful.”

Justin Mezzell, Pluralsight

The absolute best layout tools.

Design responsive layouts like you never could before. Framer X is the only tool that automatically adapts your layout when you resize your canvas and lets you use flexible stacks to easily rearrange elements.

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Design for any device on any platform. Framer X keeps UI elements intact whenever you resize a Frame.


Our layout tool automatically infers constraints and hierarchy, and you can even customize further in the properties panel.


Easily distribute, position, and rearrange elements evenly on your canvas with the power of Flexbox.

Sarah Kuehnle

“The team at Dribbble got a demo of Framer X this afternoon and I was blown away. Framer just keeps getting better and better—not by leaps, but bounds!"

Sarah Kuehnle, Dribbble

Everyday interactions, made in seconds.

Create high-fidelity scrolling, paging, and screen-to-screen transitions with our powerful interactive tools—all you have to do is point and click.

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Link screens, scroll content, and create beautiful page transitions in just a few clicks. Prototyping never felt so easy.


Easily create nested scrolling, pagination, full navigation, modal dialogues, and so much more with Framer X.


Leverage our powerful physics engine and customize individual transitions to make it feel like the real thing.

Katrina Batina

“Not needing to know code, but having code power all components makes Framer X a groundbreaking tool that brings together the product design toolkit.“

Katarina Batina, Artsy

Interactive components for everything.

Components in Framer X aren’t just any components—they’re fully interactive, reusable pieces that can include everything from live maps to real data to video players.

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Set up components once and reuse them anywhere. You’ll never have to design the same thing twice.


Update the master component to reflect changes across the board or refine details on instances.


Take components to the next level with React. Add logic, interactions, real data, animations, and more.

Jeff Smith

“This is the future of design tools. Designers and engineers accessing a shared component library built on code.”

Kyle Decker, Dropbox

The world’s first in-app design store.

Find everything from interactive design systems to icons and UI elements in the Framer X Store. Get a head start on your next project or publish your own components for the community.

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Browse thousands of packages full of interactive design components like native interactions, UI kits, and more.


Install packages and then drag and drop them onto your canvas. They even stay up-to-date when changes are made.


Upload your own packages instantly in the app to help others and let them build upon your work.

George Kedenburg III

”The best part is that Framer doesn’t abstract you away from the core. You end up with a large pool of power users who can contribute components back to the masses.“

George Kedenburg III, Facebook

Exclusive team features.

Keep your interactive design system in sync with our private Team Store. Request access to find out how Framer X can improve your team’s workflow.

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teams teams


Get in-app notifications when any package you’ve installed is updated, ensuring that you’re always using the latest version.


Import existing React components from your engineering team and create custom interfaces for your design team.


Publish themed packages to the Team Store, where only your team can access, update and work off a shared set of components.

Meng To

“Your Framer X components can be a single source of truth. Your whole team can contribute both design and code without having to recreate anything. On top of that, you have access to thousands of components powered by a vibrant community.”

Meng To, Design+Code

React meets design.

Use actual React in your projects to create interactive components from scratch. Want more control? Create custom UI in the properties panel for your components.

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Easily import your existing production components into Framer X and then start building upon them.


Create custom interfaces that display in the property panel so you can completely fine-tune your components.


Use code to add animations, maintain a global state, make components communicate with each other, and more.

Jeff Smith

“I welcome every Framer X designer to the ReactJS community. Please feel at home — we love to help you learn and answer questions! React components transformed sharing UI code for me. I hope that the Framer X Store will empower so many more people to experience the same.”

Dan Abramov, React

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